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From Paris to Tokyo via some of the world’s most stunning cities: Rome, Prague, Madrid, Lisbon, Shanghai and Sydney, Franck Provost is on hand for all women around the world.


Shows on the other side of the world, events held in the four corners of the globe, a journey to discover the richest and most diverse of cultures. Embark on the trip of a lifetime with Franck Provost. His travels have diversified his approach to styling and feminine beauty. A combination of expert colour knowledge and contemporary cut techniques, Franck Provost’s know-how is a shared story, a sincere promise to take his employees from around the world on the experience of a lifetime. Nurturing the talents of today and tomorrow, pushing the Beauty industry forward and ensuring the excellence of his Salons are his ambitions, as seen in the Brand’s range of highly specialised, innovative training programmes.


This know-how draws on Parisian elegance and sophistication, and crosses borders with a single key word at its heart: personalisation. By electing to listen to clients and their desires and drawing inspiration from salons around the world, Franck Provost shows that the intimacy at the heart of the relationship forged between client and stylist is universal. This strength is the backbone of the brand’s international success. No matter the time of day or night, you can be sure that somewhere out there, a woman is pushing open the door to a Franck Provost salon. Close to seven million women trust him.


The essence of the Parisian woman, an infusion of the sensual and the glamorous, a selection of Precious Shades…Franck Provost, official Hairstylist to women all over the world, knows how to seduce.

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