Inside the Hair Salon

A hair salon with a warm atmosphere

Warm colours, a cosy atmosphere, flattering lighting, a friendly welcome that puts you immediately at ease, staff who care and are there to listen to your every need…welcome to the Franck Provost salon.
Get yourself settled, flick through the latest Beauty magazine designed especially for you, and your stylist will soon be back with refreshments.

 A hair salon that respects what you want

Once you’re settled in front of the mirror, your stylist helps you determine what you’re in the mood for. From a cut and colour to highlights and haircare treatments, all possibilities are examined in accordance with rigorous protocol that is uniformly applied across all Franck Provost salons around the world, designed to achieve results you are happy with – right down to the very last millimetre. Sit back and enjoy a scalp massage. You can relax now, Franck Provost will take good care of you.


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