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Autumn-Winter 2020

Paris Castle

Franck Provost reinvents the bob for this collection. Layered, full or short, combined with a bold graphic fringe, this timeless haircut is constantly being updated and Franck Provost reinvents it to suit the women who wear it and personify it.

PARIS CASTLE • Autumn-Winter 2020 Collection

Balayage 2 Ors

A bob with extrovert volume, lightly layered at the ends to preserve the fullness of the hair.

With softer depth at the roots, the radiance of the golden blonde is more lustrous and striking than ever.

Brun Cashmere

Long full bob with thickness and a long strand that brushes the face to give an opulent feel.

Applied with light dabs, the colour cultivates mystery and appears different depending on the styling.

Ambre Vénitien

Straight short bob that is clean and tapered at the ends. The fringe is cut above the eyebrows for a graphic modern effect influenced by the 1980s.

The three intensities of the same shade create texture and depth. Together they produce a striking and ever-changing look.


A modern haircut that retains length for a style that is both sophisticated and relaxed.

  • Bob
  • Long Bob
  • Baby Bangs Bob
  • Men
Dazzling blonde, captivating brunette and provocative red, the Franck Provost Precious Colours wander amidst the old gold of a Parisian palace.

Fabien Provost

Art Director


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