#1 How does it work?

Get 1 Point for every $10 you spend in salons.
Get a $10 voucher when you have reached 35 points.

#2 Where do I cumulate points
and redeem my gift voucher?

Cumulate points in any Franck Provost salon in Australia.
Redeem your gift voucher in the salon that delivered it.

#3 How do I find out how many points I have?

Call your favorite salon or ask your stylist at checkout.

#4 How do I get my voucher?

You’ll receive your electronic voucher via e-mail and SMS.
Please make sure we have your current phone number and e-mail address.

#5 How do I use my voucher?

Present your electronic voucher at checkout to enjoy your discount.
Gift vouchers can be combined.
There is no minimum spend in order to use them.
They can be used in conjunction with any other offers.

#6 What about my current loyalty card?

You are only a stamp away from getting your reward?
Book an appointment before 15/11/20 and redeem it.

You don’t think you’ll get all the stamps on your card before 15/11/20?
Convert your existing stamps into loyalty points and get 10 points for each stamp!

#7 How long do my points last?

For life! Yet your voucher lasts 3 years from the moment it’s created.