You deserve some “me time”, and your hair deserves the best!
Enjoy the Franck Provost 5-star salon experience and escape the ordinary in the hands of Australia’s most talented hairdressers.



1. An accurate quote can only be ­provided in salon by your hairdresser.­
Complementary consultations are available for all services.

2. Franck Provost hairdressers are ranked according to their level of ­seniority.
This is determined by ­training and ­practical experience, which is reflected in our pricing structure.

3. All services over 2.5 hours ­require a $90 deposit to confirm the ­appointment.

4. As part of our service, a confirmation SMS is sent to every client 48 hours prior to the appointment.
Franck Provost salons reserve the right to cancel a non-confirmed ­appointment.

5. Your satisfaction is our ultimate priority. If you did not get what you requested, please let us know ­within 7 days. We will invite you for a ­­complimentary appointment to rectify the issue.

6. Changes to the appointment time or cancellations must be made at least 24 hours
prior to the actual appointment time to avoid a cancellation fee.

7. Please note that there is a $10 surcharge applied to blowdries on Sundays

Thank you for understanding & supporting these policies.