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Who We Are

Key dates

Background history

Franck Provost opens his first salon in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, a chic suburb of Paris, with his wife Natacha.


He is first crowned hairdresser of the year in France, and then in the world just two years later, in 1977.


He opens his second salon in 1979, next to the Champs-Elysées.


Franck Provost creates and launches his very first Collection, showcasing his naturally glamorous and timeless style.

Creation of the Studio agency.


Franck Provost creates the hairstyles for the most talented film and TV stars, as well as the most glamorous women in the world.


Cinema Festivals are unmissable and treasured events for Franck Provost. In Cannes with Sharon Stone in 2005.

Franck Provost Australia is launched, with the opening of the first flagship salon in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.


Franck Provost Australia owns the Master Franchise of the Franck Provost Paris brand in Australia and is a proudly Australian owned and operated.


Here Franck Provost at the inauguration of 185 Macquarie Street.

Creation of the Sydney Academy: training will now be delivered by Virginie Gayssot.


Opening of the first Australian franchised salon, in Crows Nest.

Opening of three more franchised salons, in Mosman, Manly and iconic Bondi Beach.

Opening of another franchised salon in Rozelle.


Opening of the first flagship salon in Melbourne, within the world-class Emporium shopping centre in the heart of the CBD.

In a room filled with 4,000 people at the Palais des Congres in Paris, Franck Provost celebrates 40 years of passion and innovation with his children, Olivia and Fabien, and his faithful colleagues who have come from around the world.


In the same year, in Australia another international hairdresser icon joins the Franck Provost network. Sharon Blain rebrands her two salons at Beecroft and Breakfast Point to Franck Provost stores. She sells them to the Australian franchisor two years later.


Opening of the Macquarie Centre and Westfield Chatswood salons.


Opening of the Townsville salon.


Opening of the Barangaroo salon a year later.

Opening of the Paddington / Darlinghurst salon with Freddy Pinzon.


First salon opening as a 50/50 partnership between the Australian franchisor and a hairdresser.











The Australian connection

From being #1 in France to becoming Australia's top rated hair salons
It all started with an idea: combining French style with Australian 5-star customer service

Between the Australian founders and Franck Provost himself, things clicked instantaneously. After discussions at the head office in Paris in April 2008 about the possibility of opening salons in Australia, everything went forward amazingly smoothly and the first flagship salon was opened in the heart of Sydney’s CBD in November of the same year! This partnership made total sense.


“Australian women can now experiment with their hair and not have to worry about maintainability at home. Rather than create a dying trend, Franck Provost Paris hairdressers give extended value by creating various styles that compliment the one haircut.”


Since opening the first flagship salon in 2008, Jean-Francois, pictured here with Franck Provost in Sydney, has overseen the expansion of the network through his unique drive and experience in luxury brands.


Franck Provost Australia is proudly Australian owned and operated.


More than a job, a passion...

More Than A Job, A Passion...

Rejoignez Franck Provost


Franck Provost

Over an exceptional 46-year career, Franck Provost has developed a hairdressing empire that is now number one in France and number two in Europe. His eponymous brand is the leading hair salon brand in Paris, throughout France and Europe. There are more than 600 Franck Provost salons in 30 countries including Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal, Switzerland, Morocco, Brazil, Qatar, Iran, China, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and also Australia! Franck Provost has built his success and reputation on the quality and originality of his services. At Franck Provost, everyone is treated like a star and our guests always benefit from haircuts and colours to suit their skin tone, facial structure and lifestyle, beautifying their natural features.
Franck Provost's philosophy is, and has always been, to perfect and reveal women's innate beauty through the power of hair, by listening and bringing them personalised expertise.

Fabien Provost

Artistic Director
The talent and passion of an exceptional creative hairdresser

After an apprenticeship in France, then in New York and London, Fabien Provost joined his father about fifteen years ago. Today, the passing of the baton has taken place naturally and the two designer hairdressers work alongside each other, driven by a common passion. Fabien is the Artistic Director of Franck Provost and he is the hairdresser for many stars on a daily basis as well as at Film Festivals such as Cannes, Cabourg or Angoulême. He also travels to the four corners of the globe. Fabien Provost has therefore made his passion his profession, where he excels through his innovative spirit.

Follow Fabien Provost

  • @fabienprovostofficiel
Hairstyles that are refined and easy to manage

Fabien is constantly on the lookout for new trends. His creativity seems limitless, to the delight of his guests. He offers them haircuts, colours and styles that are both refined and easy to manage. In addition to his work on the collections and the know-how of the Franck Provost brand, Fabien is keen to continue working in the salons in order to maintain contact with his guests. These values contribute to the strong image of the House. This image is also well represented by Fabien Provost’s sister, Olivia, the group’s communications director. This is an inspired and inspiring family for the increasing number of women who choose Franck Provost hair salons.


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