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Brun cashmere

The combination of a colour and lighter veils for a luminous personalised brown.

Brun cashmere

Your hair type?

  • Natural or coloured hair
  • Light brown to deep brown


  • Brun Cashmere is an exclusive Franck Provost colouring technique created for dark brown and brunette hair.
  • Brun Cashmere enhances and perfects the colour of your hair, bringing out the light reflections and natural shades. It’s the perfect hair treatment for anyone looking to change their style or invigorate their current look.
  • How do we achieve this stunning look? We use a sponge to apply the colouring product to your hair to ensure an even application that adds intensity to your colour.


Perfect and prolong your Brun Cashmere colour using our *DIAMOND* service to add radiance, shine and deep nourishment to your hair!


  • A natural glossy result
  • A personalised colour
  • An effect of light and shade
The subtlety of Brun Cashmere works through the play of light. I imagined a deep, radiant and glamorous result to embellish your haircut.

Shades from light chestnut to deep chestnut

Prec Suiv


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