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Chocolate Blush

Gorgeous, subtle and natural highlights, Chocolate Blush

Chocolate Blush

Your hair type?

  • Natural or coloured hair
  • From chestnut to brown
  • Few white hairs


Subtle and natural, the Chocolate Blush technique gives sheen and highlights with no root effects. Specifically designed for brunettes, the Chocolate Blush technique is the best option for brunettes wanting to experiment with colour for the first time. Subtle and lustrous, it takes natural to the next level.


An intense chestnut colour provides a warm gorgeous hazelnut chocolate result.


  • No root effect
  • Warm and gorgeous hazelnut chocolate result
  • Specifically designed for brunettes
To bring out the radiance of your Chocolate Blush, use a generous amount of leave-in conditioner to instantly brighten up your hair.

Subtle Mocca tones

Prec Suiv


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