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Indian Sun – Hair Contouring

Discover a sun effect that sculpts your face. Each woman has her own Indian Sun.

Indian Sun – Hair Contouring

You hair type?

  • Natural or coloured hair
  • Not recommended on very light hair
  • A few grey hairs


Square-round, oval or triangular? Each face shape has its own Indian Sun.

Inspired by makeup contouring, Indian Sun hair contouring is the art of strategically placing colour around key parts of your face to enhance your best features. The first step is to identify your face shape with the help of your expert stylist. Indian Sun is a contouring technique that is ultra personalised to suit the shape of the face. In this exclusive technique, chiaroscuro effects are used to sculpt the areas to be emphasised using an optical illusion.


  • Gives a touch of sun
  • No root regrowth effects
  • Personalised to enhance your face's best features
The intense personalisation of your haircut using the Sun Effect assures a subtle and natural result. Dare to lighten a few strands according to your mood and the seasons. Each face and each personality has its own Indian Sun.

Which shape is your face?

Triangular face

To fill out and soften the triangular shape of the face, light is added at jaw-level and around the face.

Square-round face

Round faces are narrowed by bringing light to the roots and by lightening a few outer strands.

Oval face

Oval faces have the advantage that everything is possible for them. We can still add depth to the hair by adding lighter touches to the longer strands.


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